Add that Extra Touch of Class with Outdoor Blinds

It’s one of the most common requests we get as we get closer to summer! BLINDS really are a solution to nearly everyone’s outdoor living area. The right blinds can help you create the shade required for harsh summer entertainment, whilst also providing privacy and style to your area. 

Why you should invest in blinds?

Sustain Outdoor Blinds are the ultimate screening solution for alfresco entertaining areas such as pergolas, verandahs, balconies and windows.

You can protect yourself from the harsh sun and still allow ventilation with ease. The blinds are adjustable and are therefore perfect for weather changes, ensuring you never have to cancel a summer barbeque because of unexpected rain. They are also fantastic for creating privacy, so you can sit back and be completely comfortable, enhancing your lifestyle, all year round.

Aside from their many functional attributes, Sustain also recognises the significant impact the right outdoor blinds can make to the design and architecture of your home. Our outdoor blinds are available in many materials and colours and can offer a welcome contrast to the overall landscaping of your outdoor area while complementing the aesthetic of your home.

The different types of blinds:

– Retractable Blinds 

– Rope & Pulley Blinds

– Channel Blinds

– Auto Roll Blinds

Retractable Blinds

Our retractable blinds make a perfect finish to your outdoor area. The exclusive locked in slimline side tracks ensures for top coverage around your outdoor entertaining area. It also features an enclosed pelmet which is of top quality and super stylish. These blinds can help create that extra needed privacy, you can choose to slide the blind up or down from the center and stop at any desired height – perfect for that outdoor enclosure!


– Aluminum pelmet to give that superior look, even when retracted.

– 63mm Aluminum tube inside pelmet to prevent corrosion

– Slimline bottom rail giving the sleek, stylish finish

– Stainless steel locks and fitting prevent corrosion, even against WA’S harsh conditions.

– Profiles are available up to 6.5m lengths

Available in 3 types of operation:

– Spring

– Crank

– Motor

Rope & Pulley Blinds

Perfect for windy areas (rated for 125kph winds), these blinds help to fully enclose your alfresco, keeping the weather and summer insects at bay. The versatility and adaptability of this blind makes it a perfect feature for enclosing the your outdoor areas in your home.

You can choose certain styles that help to block out the harsh sun and also on offer are ones that keep panoramic views. This type of blind come in a wide range of colours sure to enhance and compliment your Outdoor living area.

A perfect solution for Outdoor Areas needing to be enclosed by using a window treatment.


– Slimline frame means that you will be getting the most out of your openings.

– 60mm aluminium bottom rail offers strength against the worst conditions.

– Powder coated Pulleys.

– YKK marine grade zips (largest zip company in the world)

– 316 stainless steel locks prevent corrosion and seizing, even against salt water.

– Rubber weather flap to seal underneath your blinds

Channel Blinds

Channel blinds are a perfect solution for those requiring outdoor blinds with a budget in mind. These are cost effective and still of quality, just without the large price tag. Please note that although these are great for shading areas, they are not recommend against areas of high winds.


– 70mm aluminium channel powder coated in any colorbond colour.

– Channels lined inside with felt for smooth operation.

– Sleek, slimline bottom rail with or without weather flap.

– Aluminum top tube and stainless brackets prevent corrosion.

– Profiles are available up to 6.5m lengths.

– Aluminium pelmets can be added to create the perfect finish to these blinds.

– Available in 2 types of operation:

– Crank & Motor

Auto Roll Blinds

This type of blind is a classic style awning, designed with a slanted design which are a perfect addition for ground floor windows. Dependent on the fabric choice, you can choose to control how much shade or brightness the area obtains. The angle of the awning also allows for fresh air to ventilate behind the blind and into the enclosed outdoor living area.

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