Ring Your New Years in Style with These Top 3 Cocktails

Wishing Christmas could last forever and the holiday season wouldn’t creep away so fast? Us too. 

Though, cheer up buttercup as the festivities are not over yet and we got just the thing to keep your good times rollin’! The new year is just around the corner and although people think that the “New Years, New Me” vibe is the way to go, there are some old classics you should consider keeping around! So get your taste buds warmed up and your cocktail shaking dance moves ready because here are the top 3 classic yet deliciously easy to make cocktails that we recommend you keep sippin’ on as you party into the New Year! 

#3 The Pina-ahhhh Colada 

Time to prepare: 5 minutes 

30 mL Bacardi or Malibu Coconut Rum 

30mL Coconut Cream 

90mL Pineapple Juice 

Fresh pineapple 



Cocktail shaker 

Tall glass 


Fill shaker with ice and mix Bacardi, Coconut Cream and pineapple juice 

Shake well and pour mix into glass over fresh ice 

Slice pineapple to garnish 


** Tips: For a sweeter taste, add Malibu Coconut Rum and/or for a stronger edge, add Bacardi. 

#2 The Classic Daiquiri-eal nice! 

Time to prepare: 3 minutes 


2 oz. White Rum 

1 oz. Lime juice (fresh) 

½ oz. Simple syrup 



Cocktail shaker 

Cocktail glass 


Fill the cocktail shaker with ice and combine the white rum, fresh lime juice and simple syrup 

Shake the mix well for about 30 seconds and pour into cocktail glass when chilled 

Add a lime wedge or a twisted lime peel for garnish finish  


** Tips: some music and dancing could uplift the process 

#1 The Old-(but never old) Fashioned 

Time to prepare: 5 minutes 

2 oz. Rye Whiskey or Bourbon 

2-3 dashes of Angostura Bitters 

1 Sugar Cube 

1 Orange  




Old fashioned glass


Place sugar cube in glass, pour Angostura Bitters and add 2-3 drops of water 

Pour Whiskey/Bourbon and stir until mixture is dissolved. 

Add ice cubes and stir 

Add a slice of orange to garnish as finish 


** Tips: sub the orange peel for a lemon peel if you prefer 

Enjoy these cocktails with your friends and family and start off your New Years classy! Kick it by the beach or relax in the cool air at home, either way you can’t go wrong with these classics. 

Happy New Year! 

Essentials in Throwing an Epic Xmas Party in Your Backyard

It’s that beautiful time of the year again! Carols on repeat, laughter everywhere, everything is more magical with Christmas in the air. What a wonderful opportunity to throw an epic xmas party for your loved ones to remember. We have had a lot demands during the holiday season to have certain projects done in time for Christmas, so we know how it may feel to have the urge to have your backyard ready for this jolly season! 

We have compiled a list of things to prepare you for an epic xmas party this year. From tips and tricks to top xmas playlist. We hope this makes planning a party a bit easier and more enjoyable with loved ones this year! Read on for more for a jolly good plan! Merry Christmas.  

What type of party: Choose your setting. 

This is one of the key elements in Xmas party planning. Decide on whether you want a sit down dinner or a more casual setting such as a cocktail party. Of course this is also dependent on the area you have and the amount of people you are going to invite.    

From the setting you have chosen you can then decide on how you want to serve your food.  

Buffets dining is a simple yet easy layout for your party, you can prep everything up and allocate an area for food where your guests can help themselves.    

Whereas cocktail parties may require you to constantly serve. We recommend if you are opting for the cocktail vibes, to plan your dishes ahead and to also plan when to serve each dish.    

Setting the mood: Choose your theme. 

When it comes to setting the mood and theme of your Christmas party. Its best to decide on your colour scheme first. Are you going to go with the traditional colours of red, green, gold and silver. Or will you opt for something more modern such as pink and silver? There are many options to choose from! All you need to do is google “Christmas Colour Themes” and woolah!  

Secondly after choosing your theme, think decorations! Start small. Decide on the area you would like to decorate:

– Does your garden need some lights?  

– What type of centerpiece are you wanting to display?  

– What type of table setting are you wanting to use? 

– Any designated area that you would like to create signage for?  

– Do you need to create a menu? For guests with allergies?  

Planning the dishes: What will you serve up.  

Now this is the super fun part. Have you seen the creativity the internet has displayed recently with all the xmas theme dishes? Food art has escalated into popularity in today’s society, you can literally search the web with millions of creative recipes at your fingertips.  

But first, decide on what you want to serve this Christmas and then google a xmas alternative. Here is a list of Xmas dish categories to consider: 

– Grazing Platters 

– Mains 

– Desserts 

– Sides 

– Finger foods 

For more Xmas dishes visit these websites, you will sure find a couple recipes: 




Add a little fun: Don’t forget the games!  

Ok, so let’s get this straight. ADULTS can play games too.  Xmas games are a thing. They can be cool too. What better way to get into the xmas spirit, than laughing your head off with your loved ones? Enjoy the top 5 games list below: 

Red Nose Reindeer: each player is provided with a red craft pom pom with a ribbon attached. All participants get a little Vaseline on their nose. Aim of the game is to swing the ribbon in your mouth and get the pom pom stick on your nose. No hands or other body parts allowed.  

Jingle Bells: Tie an empty tissue box around the players backside. Place the same amount of jingle bells in each persons box. Players have 1 minute to dance out as much balls as possible. The person who gets rid of the most jingle bells win.  

Christmas Bingo: Super easy, no need of an explanation. A game of Christmas bingo can make any Christmas party a whole lot of fun.  You can find FREE printables on this website.

Christmas Minute to Win It games: These are super fun and can get your guests laughing in hysterics, some may even become extremely competitive. FULL list here – yes, you can thank us later. 

Christmas Guess Who: Everyone who enters the party gets a character on a posted note, throughout the party they have to ask questions about who they are. Person who is able to guess who they are first, wins a prize.    

Epic Xmas playlist: Choose your tunes.  

We have done some research for you to get the party started! 

Links to playlist of Youtube.

Links to playlist on Spotify.

From the team at Sustain, we would love to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!