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Stratco is one of Australia’s largest suppliers of building and renovation products. They have a commitment to quality and innovation and provide customisable solutions to outdoor transformations. We work with Stratco products because they are the best for Perth patios and pergolas. They are designed with the harsh Australian weather in mind and are incredibly durable.

The most extensive and popular range that Stratco provides is the Outback range. We have years of experience installing the Stratco patios in Perth and know exactly what we can do to customise them to your specific needs. This range includes something for everyone including flat and curved patios. These patios can be made to almost any size and specification, and can seamlessly fit into your existing landscape. The design encourages ventilation and protection from the sun, with the option of installing clear panels to control how much light is let into your area. These classic designs seamlessly integrate into your current landscape and can be made in a colour to compliment your house. Stratco has also developed new technologies such as Cooldek Roofing, which provide solutions to insulation in your outdoor area. These innovative insulated panels allow you to control the climate and create a comfortable space to enjoy with your friends and family. The panels also create a ceiling effect for polished finish and added sense of luxury.

Classic patio designs that fit with more traditional Australian houses such as the Gable and Heritage Gable patios are also available. They come with the option to add Gazebo and Hip Ends that complete the open end of your patio and are designed to add a new dimension to the existing architecture of your home. If your home is a bit more modern and trendy you can’t go past the Stratco Outback Sunroof. This incredible alternative to a patio comes with the option of automated louvres, which control how much sun, or ventilation is let into the area. This Sunroof also comes with features such as sensors that tell the louvres to automatically close when it rains.

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    Pavilion Allure

    Bespoke features such as landscape screens can offer functional outdoor solutions for your backyard. These screens can help improve privacy and cover unsightly fences and sheds which don’t match your outdoor entertainment area’s design.

    Pavilion Slique

    Bespoke features such as landscape screens can offer functional outdoor solutions for your backyard. These screens can help improve privacy and cover unsightly fences and sheds which don’t match your outdoor entertainment area’s design.

    Outback – Flat

    This attractive and functional design unclutters your outdoor area and can offer uninterrupted views over your property thanks to the profile beams stretching 8.4 metres without a support column! The versatile Outback Flat system can be configured to cover any area in your home including a patio, verandah, or carport.

    Outback – Gable

    This classic, strong aesthetic is truly timeless and would be a welcome addition to most Perth patio designs. The pitched roof encourages an open feel that will enrich your outdoor entertaining area with luxury and a sense of expanse. The Gable patio can be installed as a free standing structure, or attached to your existing home.

    Outback – Curved

    The Outback Curved Patio is a stylish and modern patio solution by Stratco. The flexible nature of this patio means it can be used for adaptable purposes in your home. The dome roof provides a greater overall height and clearance when compared to a gable roof, and is able to be covered in a range of different materials such as Outback Deck, corrugated steel, and polycarbonate.

    Outback – Gazebo and Hip

    The Outback Gazebo and Hip Ends are unique options available in Stratco’s every popular Outback range. The Gazebos and hip ends are available to complete the open end of your Gable Outback Patio and are designed to add a new dimension to your verandah, complimenting the existing architecture of your home.

    Outback – Heritage Gable

    The Outback Heritage patio comes in two variations, the Traditional Gable and the Dutch Gable. The main differences between the two are the classic pitched roof available on the Traditional Gable and the distinctive Dutch pitch roof featured on the Dutch Gable, which is made to mirror the roofline of more traditional Australian homes.

    Outback – Sunroof

    The Outback Sunroof patio is the automated solution to your patio needs. With the innovative Stratco Outback Sunroof Patio, you can take control of the weather by regulating electronically controlled louvres to let in or keep out as much rain, hail, and shine as you please.

    Outback – Pergola

    The Outback Pergola is just one outdoor living solution available in Stratco’s every popular Outback range. Pergolas create an inviting open-air setting, let the light in, and improve the overall appearance of your home. The shade that pergolas provide is perfect for a functional outdoor entertaining area and protects your delicate furniture and plants.

    Cooldek Roofing

    Cooldek Roofing is a Stratco solution for insulation in your outdoor entertaining area. With the innovative insulated roofing panels you can control the climate and make entertaining your family and friends more comfortable. Cooldek cladding also provides a ceiling finish for an all-in-one practical outdoor solution.


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    At Sustain, we understand that each property has its own characteristics and each client has their own needs. That’s why no two of our outdoor solutions are the same. Our experienced and professional team will walk you through all of your options and help your choose the best one for your property. From the right Stratco Patio to a completely custom landscape design, we’ve got you covered. We do all the heavy lifting and incorporate any ideas or inspiration you’ve come across into your custom design. This way, you are left with an amazing outdoor area that compliments your home and your family’s lifestyle.

    Customisation isn’t reserved for a full-scale backyard makeover; we customise even the simplest fences, gates, patios, and decks, to ensure they integrate seamlessly with your home.

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    We are a West Australian owned and operated business which takes pride in understanding our clients needs, and providing them with stylish outdoor solutions that won’t break the bank. Sustain knows how to design and install a patio that will get you the most out of your Perth home because we’re local, just like you. We will keep you informed every step of the way and are always available for a chat about your project. Our professional tradespeople take pride in there work, and there are no pushy sales reps at Sustain, just honest advice and quality service. Our versatile patio solutions are just the beginning at Sustain; we offer full service landscaping and decking as well, so you can transform your entire outdoor area through our professional and highly skilled team.

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    At Sustain we are passionate about creating and are on the cutting edge of patios, landscaping, and decking in Perth. Our highly skilled team will craft the perfect custom design for your home, with features tailored to your family and their needs. Being creative and working with innovative techniques can be surprisingly affordable and with Sustain’s efficient team, you can be sure costs won’t blow out. From the simplest of patios built to serve their purpose, to stunning holistically designed landscapes including fencing, and decking, Sustain takes pride in the outdoor areas we create and the service we provide to our customers.

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    When it comes to efficiency and customer satisfaction, experience counts for everything, and we’ve got 25 years of it. We combine this invaluable experience with our unique to creative abilities to deliver the most professional and satisfying service in the industry. Collaborating with a business that has so much experience in the Perth patio, decking, fencing, and landscape industry ensures you’re getting the most accurate expert advice available. We have the tools and skills to execute any project with minimal disruption to your daily routine without compromising on quality.

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    At Sustain Patios and Outdoors, we strive for excellence in all aspects of our service. From the moment you request a quote form Sustain you will experience the superior customer service we offer. Our staff offers helpful, honest advice about which patio or other outdoor solution would best satisfy your needs. There are no sales pitches or favoring certain styles, we solely focus on how to best produce your dream outdoor living area. During the designing and construction phases, our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have while our highly skilled tradespeople and installers work hard to complete your project. We are committed to completing projects on time and on budget, without compromising on quality. The building materials we use are also of the highest quality. Our attention to detail is second to none, and we will never turned a blind eye to compromised quality.

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