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Top 5 Tips on What You Need To Know When Doing Your Backyard!

Top 5 Tips on What You Need To Know When Doing Your Backyard!

Tip #1: Identify what is important to you!

How do you want to use the area?

Ok so, you’ve finally made a decision to work on that outdoor living area of yours. The first step is to identify what is really important for you and your family. So what do you want to do within this area? Is it for:

A sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining or play.

Do you want an area that is point of relaxation after a long day of work, an escape to rejuvenate yourself from outer noise? Do you want a place that is full of entertainment for a buzzing get together with family and friends? Or would you want something that is more child friendly for your growing family? Or even a bit of everything?

Check out our Pinterest Board for some inspo here.

Tip #2: Create a checklist with everything that you want for your backyard.

What do you really want for your backyard?

As with any space, a beautiful backyard is all about your personal preference. Turning a blank concrete slab or renovating a current space into a distinctive outdoor living area requires many different elements, you’ve got to invest in some thought and a whole lot of creativity. From patios, pools, furniture to accessories, all of which can make a big impact in your finishing project.

Below is a quick checklist to get you started!

  Lawn Area
  Landscape Screens
  Outdoor Kitchen
  Outdoor Dining Area
  Outdoor Furniture
  Fire Pit
  Children’s Play Area
  Water Features

Tip #3: Set yourself a timeframe.

How much time do you have?

This element can usually affect the overall conception of your project. Too often we have come across enquiries who have usually underestimated the amount of time required to complete a project. Although we have always tried our best to accommodate timeframes, you will need to also consider external factors such as the weather and any shortages of supply being of materials and trades.

Our advice is to identify a timeframe of when you want your project to reach completion. Factor in your desired dates, events, celebrations and holidays. Do you want to have your project done by your birthday? Before your house warming? For the Christmas holidays? Setting in these deadlines will allow for a more accurate projected timeframe.

Tip #4: Be realistic with your budget + 20% on top

How much you are willing to spend?

Now this is usually one of which you need to be very realistic with. Identify your budget. How much can you spend? Is it from purely savings? Out of equity? Will you take out a loan? Or a combination of all? There really is a wide range of finance options to fund your project. Did you know that we also provide an interest free repayment option? Enquire to see if you qualify.

When working with your budget, it is best to factor in an extra 20% just to keep you in surplus. You would rather have money leftover than an incomplete project (we have seen this happen a lot of times). Once you are able to identify your ideal budget, get quotes! When deciding who to choose, do not only consider the “price” but also experience and reviews.

There is nothing more challenging when you have put price above all and went with someone a lot cheaper and pretty much ended up with a cheap job, then require someone else come out to “fix” the problem. This is very time consuming and can be quite costly, so do your research!

Tip #5: Get it started!

Once you have started your planning, budgeting and have identified what works you are wanting to get done. Unless you plan to DIY (which is very possible, we have supplied to many DIY projects), you may consider hiring a design or construction professional to help with your outdoor living project. Get in contact with trades that will make it happen, remember to:

Keep your Budget Real!

Have your realistic budget ready so that you can share it with your trades upfront. This really helps trades like us to come up with more creative solutions that will maximise your budget and to identify what is achievable within your timeframe.

Compare Your Findings

Narrow down your search to a couple finalists, read on their reviews (social media, review sites, family or friends who have used them) and get negotiating!

We hope to hear from you. And if we can’t do it, we have a network of people who can! All the best on your journey in creating your dream backyard!

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