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Total Backyard Transformation: Creating the perfect pool area!

Total Backyard Transformation: Creating the perfect pool area!

We get very excited every time a client speaks to us about transforming their backyard, to accommodate a growing family or to help improve their overall lifestyle.

We were lucky enough to have worked alongside Matt & Cass for the revamp of their backyard, they wanted to save a bit of money and did most of the work at their own pace and by themselves. We are always happy to supply our clients with quality products for a DIY project!

Now let’s get into the details of this very special transformation, right here in Western Australia:

Main Objective:

With their growing children in mind, they wanted to create an outdoor living space that could accommodate an area of fun, relaxation and entertainment. As like most parents, they wanted a backyard that could grow and adapt with the kids to meet their needs now and even when they reach an older age.

Mum and Dad also wanted an area that was able to easily entertain a party of ten or more people, all year round. Mum wanted a space to have her girlfriends over for a lovely outdoor brunch whilst Dad wanted an ultimate backyard where he could hold the weekend’s best BBQ with his mates. Overall they wanted their outdoor living area to be cozy, fun and most importantly a place of unlimited memories with family, neighbors and friends.

We had the opportunity to put our creative caps on when they wanted a new pool to be installed and the existing patio to stay but somehow accommodate a sufficient entertainment space alongside the new pool. They also wanted to give the existing patio a revamp to give a more contemporary look with an alfresco feel – all within their budget.

To achieve this we recommended our client’s to remove the existing beams and posts .This was to be replaced with large feature timber beams that help to cantilever the third post for the end post to be efficiently removed. By doing this, the area was still usable with the patio being able to offer shade inside the pool area as well.

Not just a supplier, we guide our Client’s throughout the whole project!

As the client’s wanted to keep within budget, we supplied the majority of the products and connected them with the right trades. We are always looking to share our wealth and knowledge of networks to help you create the backyard of your dreams.

For Matt and Cass we were able to source out the right people for their retaining walls, grass and paving. They were at ease knowing that we had their interests in mind and went ahead with our recommendations, saving them a lot of time and money.

We’re here to do the hard work for you so that you can relax and enjoy the progress of creating your ideal backyard, right here in Perth!

Now, onto the works of what was transformed!


200 x 45 laminated Kapur beams with 125 x 125 Kapur posts. Charcoal paint was used on the rest of the patio timbers for a strong contrast. The roof sheeting was a heat reducing polycarbonate in “Solar Grey”.


The decking under the patio/alfresco area was 140/19 Merbau, this was chosen for its durable structure as it is very hardwearing and for under cover use would not need constant recoating due to being more protected from the sun and the pool water. It also provided a great contrast to the cream pavers around the pool, creating a striking look.

We choose millboard decking near the pool area in the “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard, as so the owners have very little worry about maintaining that area.

We recommended composite decking around the pool area as it is incredibly low maintenance, doesn’t warp, rot or splinter and has an R11 slip rating, which is great for kids who persist in running around the pool. We used “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard around the pool area.


As the end of the patio required to have an enclosed feel without blocking off the air flow to get rid of the hot Perth air in summer, we achieved this by using an aluminium louver slat in the colour “Aspen” to create a contrast to the dark colours of the patio and decking.

The slatted fence infills at the end of the pool area were a 65/16 aluminium timber look in the colour/grain “Merbau”. We also supplied the frameless glass pool fencing to finish off that sleek and transparent look.

Project Snap Shot

+ Revamped timber patio with counter levered featured beam and posts to accommodate new pool
+ Merbau timber decking under the patio and “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard a grey composite decking board beside the pool
+ Feature fixed louvered screening in patio in Knotwood timber look “Aspen”
+ Slatted Fence Infill in “Merbau”
+ Frameless Glass fencing with no spigots throughout the decking area

Owners Thoughts

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