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Why You Need a Cool Deck Roof!

Why You Need a Cool Deck Roof!

Add value and enjoy your outdoor living all year round with a Stratco Outback Cooldek roofing! The innovative Cooldek insulated panel provides a roof, insulation and ceiling like finish all in one product, with superior spanning capabilities and outstanding cooling performance.  

Perfect as that extra touch to comfortable outdoor living! 


As Cooldek roofing features a polystyrene core that is permanently bonded to a smooth, easy to clean coloured steel underside and a profiled, coloured steel topside. The insulating properties of Cooldek reduce heat from above on hot days, whilst reducing noise from heavy rain. A multifunctional product that can help reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint! 


Exceptional strength allows Cooldek to span up to an impressive 7.2 metres unsupported. These large spans reduce the number of beams and framework required, which offers you an uncluttered appearance and clear views. Simple to install, Cooldek even has an inbuilt rebate within it to conceal electrical wiring for fans and light fittings.  


– Classic steel roof look on top, with a smooth ceiling-like underside. 

– Outstanding cooling performance. 

– Choose from Cooldek Classic or Cooldek CGI roof profiles.  

– Choose from three insulation thicknesses.  

– Wide range of popular roof colours.  

– Ceiling-like underside is available in White or a choice of high gloss colours.  

– Exceptional strength reduces the number of beams and framework required.  

– Reduces heat to make your outdoor living area more comfortable. 

– Saves on electricity by reducing indoor cooling costs. 


Cooldek panels have the following insulation rating (R value):  

– 50mm thick panels – up to R1.6 

– 75mm thick panels – up to R2.2  

– 100mm thick panels – up to R2.8 


Choose from either the Cooldek Classic or the Cooldek CGI roof profiles. There are three insulation thicknesses to choose from; 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. The topside colour choices include a wide range of popular colours to help you integrate your patio into existing colour schemes. The underside is available in White or a choice of high gloss colours. 

For a limited time only, you can get up to 60 months interest free on a Stratco Cooldek! *Conditions apply 


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