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20% Off Fernreed

20% Off Fernreed

Have you been looking for ways to hide that ugly fence of yours? To obtain more privacy through fence extensions? Or even create a more paradise like back yard? If this is what you have been itching about,


Our FERNREED screens are cost effective, easy to install and is so versatile you can use it as practically anything to spice up your outdoor decor. What a better time to start thinking about ways to do up that outdoor space then now? It’s nearly outdoor entertainment season in Perth and what a perfect time to get on this to further utilize your outdoor living area!


First things first, what are FERNREED SCREENS?

Fernreed screens is made up with up to three layers of reed in a solid coated pine frame. It is durable, sturdy and is an easily installed screen. You can simply fix it to an existing structure or between posts.

How good are they?

One of the best things about Fernreed screens is that it creates a natural backdrop to highlight foliage and also masks unsightly areas with up to 95 per cent coverage.

FERNREED screens are exclusive to Sustain and manufactured locally in our Wangara factory, which means that you are getting a long lasting product that is made from top quality materials. Plus, our team of experts is here on hand to give you any advice and support you need pre and post purchase.

They can also do what??

– Increases Privacy
– Easy to Install
– Customised, durable and sturdy for longevity
– 95% coverage to block out unwanted areas
– Panel and post or fix directly to a solid fence

How do they come?

Available in Panels, Posts & Rolls. In all standard sizes.

Got a custom space? We can custom make for you too!

What can I use it for?

For that extra privacy around your home, to simply hide an unattractive wall, create a beautiful backdrop or add a stunning feature to your outdoor area. You can even use them as a room divider or shader! Plus we have had people make it into gates, as fencing infills, fence extensions, the list is endless!

They are so versatile and customizable that you can use them in any area of your outdoor living area. We have found that they look amazing against a boring fence, as it helps uplift the area and creates a holiday feel.

We have also had a lot of great feedback from client’s using them as their pool backdrop. The rich dark brown always seems to bring out the beautiful blue and green tone of a pool. Have a glimpse of the multiple uses of this amazing screen!

Is it really that easy to DIY?

Yes it absolutely is!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to put these screens together. Most of our client’s have opted for the DIY option to do it themselves as it is super easy! Below is a picture of a DIY project:

This was a very quick and easy DIY project by one of our Sustainer’s! A new home that required a simple and low maintenance garden. When they approached us, we immediately highly recommended our FERNREED panels as the ultimate backdrop to create that foliage enriched feel and boy did that work out fantastic! Simple yet very effective.

How to Further Enhance Your Purchase

Timber Glow® coating is one of the most attractive coatings by appearance for exterior timber. This exclusive coating offers the longest possible coating life without the need to recoat, whilst also maintaining effective UV protection for timber and fibro cement. We highly recommend using Timber Glow® over our products, especially our FERNREED so that you can further increase the longevity of your screens. Plus you get a 3 year warranty too!


If you’ve been looking for screen panels to create a beautiful backdrop, our Fernreed screens add a stylish retreat feature to any landscape design, as well as conveniently hiding unwanted areas. It is also super long lasting & provides excellent coverage. They come in different sizes and are available in both DIY and install. You can contact us on the below for more info:

1300 112 558

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