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DIY Decking Perth

Aussie’s have a reputation for their DIY attitude, that’s why we offer complete DIY decking kits. Creating a new deck for your family home is the ultimate long weekend domestic project and with us you’ll be feeling like the king of timber before you know it.

Composite Decking Perth

Composite decking is the fastest growing wood deck alternative on the market. It can be incredibly low maintenance and last even longer than traditional timber decking thanks to its durability and imperviousness to rot.

Knotwood Aluminum Decking Perth

Knotwood aluminium decking is an innovative aluminium alternative to timber. It features an interlocking design and will not warp, splinter, crack, rot or swell like timber decks may and is designed for easy installation so home owners have the choice of building the deck themselves or getting us to do the job for them.

Timber Decking Perth

A timber deck is the perfect way to add warmth and contrast to your backyard. Sustain Patios and Outdoors provide timber decking in Perth that is elegant and durable, we have experience with decks of all shapes, sizes, and timber so you can be sure you’ll be enjoying your outdoor transformation for years to come!


A new deck can add unexplored dimension and class to you outdoor area. Not only to decks look visually stunning but they are a practical solution to outdoor entertaining and add value to your home. Sustain Patios and Outdoors uses only the finest materials when fitting your new deck and our craftsmanship is second to none. We create decks that translate into comfortable living and entertaining areas so you can relax or host a party with ease and elegance.

Whilst timber is the traditional material used when building decks, it’s not the only solution that Sustain offers. If you would like a deck that is low maintenance or environmentally sustainable, then we have you’ve come to the right place. We install Composite, Knotwood, and Passport Plastic Decking, which are all alternatives to traditional timber decking. Composite decking found in Perth is made from a combination of wood shavings and recycled plastic, whereas Knotwood is an aluminum alternative and Passport Plastic is a completely sustainable plastic alternative. Each of these options has various benefits such as their suitability around wet areas, environmental sustainability, and fire safety features. They also come in a range of finishes, some which even mimic the texture and colour of real exotic wood that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. However, if you think there’s nothing like the real thing, we’re happy to install the best timber deck in Perth in your outdoor area. We can completely customise it to the area you would like covered and ensure it is of the highest quality.

If you’re a weekend DIY expert and want to get in on the action why not purchase one of our DIY kits? We make them specifically for your needs and include helpful instructions that will have you enjoying your brand new custom Perth deck in no time.

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