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Australia Day Essentials – Spending Aussie Day the Right Aussie Way!

Australia Day Essentials – Spending Aussie Day the Right Aussie Way!

Put on your patriotic hat my fellow Aussies and gear up in all your red, whites and blues because Australia Day is here and we are bloody proud to be Aussies! 

A day off work, a good ol’ barbeque with your friends and family, chilling out by the beach with a beer and singing them classic Aussie tunes off key and way too loud with your mates – We’ve put together some suggestions and ideas for how you could spend Australia Day, the right Aussie way! 

About Australia Day 

On 26th of January, Australia Day, our people celebrate the means of being a proud and privileged nation. This glorious day extends out to more than just its Australian people, from our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and to our diverse cultures residing in our democratic nation. We love our land, lifestyle, freedom and people of Australia and Australia Day reminds us of these blessings. In history, Australia Day marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet lead by Governor Arthur Phillip. Initially it was a day to celebrate the emancipated convicts of the ships from Great Britain however the day evolved into an acknowledgment and celebration of its contemporary people. Becoming a positive holiday for our friends, family and nation and to also welcome our fellow new Australian Citizens. 

The Traditions 

1 – Our biggest Aussie Day tradition, of course, is to round up your Aussie colours and slap it on where you can! From singlets to shorts, thongs and even some red, blue and white face paint. (You can never go “too patriotic” on Australia Day!) Wrap yourself in the Australian flag, go bare foot or wear your best pairs of thongs, just make sure you suit up in your most casual and relaxed outfit – good ol’ Aussie style.  

2 – Fire up your grill and let’s barbee – It’s almost a must do to have a barbeque on Australia Day, the tradition covers a relaxed meal with your friends and family (rather than slaving away in the kitchen) in your own backyard and what better way to do so in an Australia Day summer time heat. Invite your best pals, neighbours and families, cook up some steaks and sausage sizzle, have some beer and banter and just enjoy! 

3 – Cool down at the beach – Lets be honest… Australia does have some of the best beaches in the world!!!!! So do yourself a favour and make this your Aussie day tradition if it isn’t already. Bring your umbrella, beach towels, beach ball or volley ball and enjoy our amazing Aussie beaches with your favourite people. Have a volleyball tournament or a game of “whoever can avoid getting caught in the rip and embarrass yourself the most wins”. Bring your esky and have a few cold beveys and enjoy the sound of the waves. 

4 – Whether you love it, your partner loves it or your kids love it, you definitely should end your day with some Aussie Day fireworks! The Perth Skyworks kicks off at 8:00pm at the foreshore, so make sure you head down there and end your day with some more light! 

The Essentials 

Whether you are having a BBQ in your backyard, heading down to the beach for a swim, enjoying a picnic at your local park or out and about Perth for the day – make sure you remember to pack your Aussie day essentials. 

Survival item 1: SUNSCREEEEEEEEEEN (if you don’t want to get red, slap on this bad boy) 

Survival item 2: WATERRRRR/HYDRATION (and no I don’t mean just your beers, you’re going to need some water too in this heat) 

Survival item 3: FOOOD – If you really want to get into the Aussie spirit, get yourself some vegemite sandwiches, meat pies, sausage rolls and lamingtons… and of course, other foods you like J 

Survival item 4: BOOZE. (you know what to do) 

Survival item 5: The Australian Flag, big or small – make sure you pair it with your Aussie spirit! 

Events in and around Perth 

1 – Mandurah’s Largest Annual Citizenship Ceremony  

8:30am – 11:00am, Eastern Foreshore – Mandurah 

Come witness and support over 100 new citizens take their oath in becoming official Australians. The event includes a cooked Aussie breakfast, live music and the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club’s boats on the estuary. 

2 – Australia Day Morning Ceremony and Breakfast 

8:00am – 10:30am, Sir James Mitchell Park – South Perth 

Pay your respects here with a formal Flag Raising Ceremony by the Australian Defence Force and a presentation of awards and acknowledgment for those who have provided an outstanding service to our nation. Free entertainment and a BBQ will also be set. 

3 – Australia Day Celebration Zone 

3:00pm – 7:30pm, Sir James Mitchell Park – South Perth 

This event is perfect for the family with over 100 free activities suitable for toddlers through to adults including Stunt Jump, Water Slides, Airbrush Tattoos and so many more! There’s an art corner for you to create your most beautiful kite, friendship bracelets or paper umbrella. There will be live entertainers and performers on site and ample food vendors to quench your interest and hunger needs! 

4 – Australia Day Skyworks 

3:00pm – 10:00pm, Langley Park Riverside Drive – Perth 

The day will consist of free events and concert at Langley Park Entertainment Zone. Of course with a big finish, the Australia Day fireworks will kick off at 8:00pm. Make sure you come down and get yourself a great spot for this spectacular view. 

No matter what or how you decide to spend your Aussie Day weekend, we only ask that you make sure you say “OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE” at some point in your day and hope some random down the street will respond “OI OI OI” to you. 

Have a beautiful holiday all! We love Australia and Australia definitely loves us too!

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