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Make your outdoor living area a point of difference with LOUVRES!

Have you been looking for a simple yet effective addition to your outdoor living area that can provide privacy yet can also help with temperature control?

Our LOUVRES contain adjustable blades to allow you to control the amount of breeze you want to let in. Not only do these make a great room divider, they can allow you to control how much rain, wind or shine you want in your outdoor living area!

Plus they are super easy to maintain too as they are considerably easier to clean than most alternative screens.

There’s just something about these Louvres! They have been such a popular choice among our customers lately, that we’ve had countless requests to do an informative blog about it to help you further understand the popularity and benefits of using Louvers in your Perth home.

What exactly are Louvres?

Louvers are individual slats that are fixed at equal intervals from each other and attached to a gate, window, or even roof. It is easily moved up and down or side by side by an adjoining bar manually.

Louvres can be permanently fixed or adjustable. If you choose adjustable louvers, they can be operated using a simple lever, or you can automate them! Automation can be as easy as pressing a button on a remote to open and close them to your desired angle. A great feature of automation is that you can also fit them with sensors so the louvers close in full sun or when it rains.

This way when you’re absent from your outdoor area you can rest easy knowing your furniture and décor is protected.

How do they come?

We currently use a 70mm or 88mm slat, however we can customize sizes into shutters that cover windows, bi-fold doors and sliding doors for patio areas both as fixed louvres and adjustable (moving) louvres.

Traditionally, louvres in Perth are made from materials such as timber or aluminium and can be used equally well inside or outside a building. This allows us to create a cohesive design that compliments your house by matching any existing louvres you may be currently using.

Louvres are available in many materials and colours and can offer a welcome contrast to the overall landscaping of your outdoor area while complementing the aesthetic of your home.

Our Louvres are exclusively made in our Wangara factory, which means that you get not only top quality products but also local support.

What can I use Louvres for?

The fantastic thing about louvres is that it can be used for absolutely anything and anyhere. There is such a diverse use of these amazing things that they really are just multifunctional.


For the trendy homeowners, these slatted louvred gates will add that extra chic to your home!


Paired with matching windows and fencing infill’s, we have found that louvred doors is becoming a match made in heaven for those wanting a coordinated look.

Room Dividers:

When you want to divide a space without really blocking it out completely, the use of louvres to divide a room will help you control the separation level of space in terms of both size and privacy.

Space Enclosures:

Louvres have been a fantastic option for our customers who just want a simple solution to enclose an area of their choice. You can protect yourself from the harsh sun and still allow ventilation with ease. The degree to which the louvres open is completely up to you. This allows you to adjust them as the weather changes, ensuring you never have to cancel a summer barbeque because of unexpected rain.

Screens and Windows:

Louvres are often used on balconies for increasing privacy from neighbours, we highly recommend using the vertical position.

A couple popular uses that we have found in demand would be the ends of a patio area as this allows for the control of the wind flow.

You can use louvres to cover air conditioning units too, this will still allow the expelled air to get away and therefore keeping the unit from overheating as well as screening it from view.

What are the benefits of using Louvres?

– The primary advantage for the use of elliptical louvers being the adjustable or fixed versions is that they can be set in a certain angle that allows for air flow, whilst also creating greater privacy by preventing a direct view through.

– Louvers do not just control light, but ventilation as well which is extremely important when considering landscaping in Perth.

– The degree to which the louvers open is completely up to you! They can also be adjusted for privacy, so you can sit back and be completely comfortable in your home.

– Louvers are a great option to protecting and screening expensive assets such as pumps, motors and air conditioning units.

– Looks more aesthetically pleasing than the common square slats available.

– Can be opened and closed to be in keeping with the season and weather at the time.

– Can be finished in any colour of powder-coat and also in timber grain finish.

Exclusive to SUSTAIN:

We have currently launched a new 150mm rebated edge elliptical louvre that when shut has a much cleaner look as it sits flush. This louvre blade is extremely robust and suits high wind areas (perfect for houses around the coast) and can be fitted with seal strips that reduce the chance of the blades vibrating in very strong winds and rain.

This new addition to our range of Louvres is created with robust hardware that contains a very strong 3mm aluminum end cap and vigorous control bar. This means less maintenance and more privacy.

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