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Sun roofs are not just for cars!

Sun roofs are not just for cars!

How to enjoy your outdoor living area all year round with the help of Sunroofs:

There is nothing more beautiful than letting sunshine in and enjoying natural air flow whilst relaxing in your outdoor living area.

With the innovative Stratco Outback Sunroof Patio, you can take control of the weather by regulating electronically controlled louvers to let in or keep out as much rain, hail, and shine at your convenience.

Why Choose an Outback Sunroof:

+ Perfect All Year Round
+ Cutting Edge Technology
+ Stylish & Durably Designed

Perfect for Summer, Winter, Day & Night!

Imagine being able to enjoy your backyard all year round. How wonderful would it be to be able to entertain family and friends with controlled shading on a hot afternoon, whilst also being able to sip hot chocolate and star gaze on a cool winter’s night?

This is all possible with the help of an Outback Sunroof!

You can now enjoy the outdoors through any weather at the touch of a button. When the sunroof is completely sealed, they form a beautiful ceiling which will protect you from any unwanted weather, ensuring that the next barbecue, get together or party won’t be dampened by the harsh sun or rain again.

The Use of Cutting Edge Technology

The outback Sunroof has a weather shielding system of an inbuilt rain sensor that will automatically close the blades if rain is sensed in the louvers, now how good is that?!

Plus you also get a hand held remote thatallows you to choose the exact degree to which the louvres are open so they can allow complete sun, partial sun whilst maintaining ventilation, or complete shield from unwanted elements.

A Modern Invention That Is both Stylish & Durable

The stylish and modern louvresin the Outback Sunroof looks stunning both opened and closed. At Sustain, we are proud to be able to deliver such an innovative product to give you the perfect combination of shelter and ventilation at maximum comfort.

The powder coated aluminum blades have an inbuilt weather strip to reduce noise and form a tight seal. The moving parts use specially designed for quiet performance, and the blades are driven by a powerful 24 volt DC linear actuator for reliable long life operation.

We are constantly sourcing out the most innovative technologies to efficientlyimprove the functionality of your outdoor living area. An Outback Sunroof truly is an unforgettable backyard feature.

How does it come?

The Stratco Outback Sunroof is available in a flat and gable design. It can span up to 3.9 metres for flat, and 7.2 metres for gable designs thanks to its strong, well-engineered blades.

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