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How To Add That Wow Factor With Timber Lining!

How To Add That Wow Factor With Timber Lining!

One of the most effective ways to transform your outdoor entertainment area is by injecting some subtle splashes of colour and personality through the use of lighting, painting features and the ever popular trend of timber lining in your ceilings.

And luckily for us Perth residents, we are blessed to able to spend our time entertaining and relaxing outdoors nearly all year round! Plus studies have also shown how WA is even now considered the new ‘Sunshine State”, which means more awesome times spent in our very own backyard!

So what a better way to start fully enjoying this by investing in a beautiful outdoor entertainment area?

As important as your landscaping, plantations, pool, deck and kitchen area is for your outdoor living space – the ceiling of where you sit down and entertain is a master stand out piece that could really make a visual difference! Of course, the smaller details are essential however the ceiling can totally change the overall look, feel and style of your home.

Lining your Patio creates a very luxurious, finished look to your entertainment area. The popular choice of timber lining always manages to look striking in any outdoor space which also comes in a wide range of timbers available, all offering unique colours to choose from. This finish is perfect for creating that extra opulent feature to your home.

All of our timbers are selected for the highest quality, ensuring that you get a long lasting ceiling that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Why is Timber Lining So Popular?

Timber lined patios started off as a trend by designers who thought outside the box and wanted to explore how placing timber boards on the roof could be of different use to the usual decking. This is now a well known global design choice for designers and home owners due to timber being a sophisticated and timeless way to create an elegant entertainment area. The natural timbers’ versatile nature means it can be adapted to suit many different styles.

Creating Different Looks With Timber Lining:

Timber lining literally goes with any theme! It makes a perfect canvas for you to create what type of style and atmosphere you want for your home. A timber-lined patio is the perfect place to relax in the Perth weather and have a few drinks with loved ones. You’ll feel a sense of comfort, style, and warmth during an unparalleled entertaining experience.

You can enjoy summer nights under a timber-lined patio surrounded by luscious tropical trees, crating the ultimate tropical oasis in your very own Perth backyard. Or you can create a sophisticated cocktail party with Hampton’s themed décor that will complement your timber lined roof perfectly! Timber lining literally allows you to adapt to countless modern and traditional trends.

Lined patios also look stunning when paired with down lights, your outdoor entertainment area will look like a picture perfect setting!

The effect of lining can light up a room and give a warm, contemporary feel to your home, creating the perfect entertainment area for your family and loved ones to enjoy. There are many materials to choose from to create that on-trend timber look, which helps to add an effortless glimpse of nature to your space.

Living in Australia, we are so lucky to have an abundance of the different varieties of timber that can be used for patio lining. Although Red Cedar is a popular choice, you can definitely choose any timber that compliments your style. At Sustain Patios and Outdoors we welcome your ideas of a completely customize patio for your dream outdoor living area.

Sustain, Your Team Of Choice!

Our expert craftsmen will flawlessly install your lining no matter the roof or ceiling angle. Patio lining can look great on both flat ceilings and raked. Stunning patterns also make a style statement, which adds flare to your home.

If you’re interested in installing stunning patio lining into your Perth home then contact us today! Our supportive and professional staff will be available to give you honest advice on which materials are best suited to your preference and style.


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