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How To Create a Pinterest Worthy Backyard in Perth: Starting with Decking

How To Create a Pinterest Worthy Backyard in Perth: Starting with Decking

So you’ve been on Pinterest and have just pinned your heart out with buzzing ideas of how to create that outdoor living area that you’ve been dreaming of? But now, is this actually possible to create in somewhere like…PERTH?

Of course it is!

There’s nothing that we love more than a client with a strong visual direction in mind. Most of our projects revolve around backyard ideas and pictures from the internet, but we have found a trend in people requesting “Pinterest” style backyards. These are the pretty, out of the box outdoor living designer concepts that have been frequently requested but not many know that is quite achievable right here in our backyard (no pun intended).

What we do recommend when pursuing this “Pinterest” style backyard is to start with a good platform. Which is the deck, decking is just not about whacking a piece of board on the ground. It’s about how choosing the right colour, texture and material can affect your overall ambiance and style. When you lay the right foundations to your design preference, you can then “dress” up the area with the outdoor décor.

In this blog, we will aim to show you how to utilize different types of decking from a design point of view and to ultimately help you get one step closer to creating a “Pinterest” worthy backyard!

To start let’s go through the top 3 main aspects of Decking when creating a designer backyard:

1. Know your material
2. Know your texture
3. Choose your technique

The different types of materials used for your decking:

If you are living in Perth, Australia below is a quick recap of your choices in decking:

• Imported
• Composite
• Native

Imported decking: If you are requiring a timber style decking, we recommend decking in the sustainable Fijian Mahogany, Cedar or Batu. There is also an alternative “aluminum” version that is a better option for those looking for a lower maintenance alternative, we also have a cost effective range that come in a wide range colours to choose from. Please enquire for more info.

Composite decking: Composite decking is great for Perth’s climate, as it can withstand our tough weather conditions. Composite decking is versatile, easy to install in DIY decking projects, and look fantastic by the pool or patio decking area.

Native decking: If your preference is to use more native materials, we recommend you checking out Bluegum, Blackbutt and Jarrah. All of these timbers have beautiful shades of colours and is a great incentive to supporting the Australian economy.

Using different colours and textures in your decking for a point of difference!

There’s normal decking vs textured decking.

Seamless/Grain: When we think of decking, it’s often that we associate it with the grainy timber look. Timber decking has been the most common used type of decking due to its ability to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere. Also as it is more widely manufactured, this classic type of decking is made easily available in Australia from both local and imported materials.

Timber tones also helps to create a more naturalistic look, we have found that majority of projects that use timber look decking have a goal of creating a space of natural like tranquility. The benefit of using timber look decking is that, it will never go out of style. Wood like textures is forever timeless, therefore if you are looking for a more classic and safer option that is likely to stand the test of style we always recommend checking out Timber Grain Textures.

Weathered/Rough: With the growing production of innovative designs, we now are blessed with an abundant choice of textures and colours in decking. There is an alternative to the timber grain look in Aluminum and Composite decking. As these types of decking are manufactured through different type’s materials, their ability to create different textures and colours is endless.

Both Aluminum and Composite decking provide a more wide range of textures to suit more modern and intricate designs. For instance, in the composite decking range there is the option to choose a more weathered/rough texture as opposed to the typical timber grain feel. We have found a growing interest for a different colour and texture option for decks.

Below is a sample from Millboard, a company that we use for some of our composite decking projects. As an example for choice, Millboard’s standard composite decking range comes in 6 different colours and 2 different texture options.

Create a designer backyard by using the contrasting technique of incorporating Light & Dark colours!

For a more designer feel we suggest contrasting your outdoor living space by incorporating both Light & Dark colours. This is achievable through your decking! Often people are confined to the idea that decking throughout should be one colour and one texture. This is now not the case as modern designs has incorporated different colours and textures of decking in one outdoor living area.

By using the contrasting technique you are able make an area larger and create more attention to an area of choice. Using different textures also help to bring attention to an area. There is no doubt that by using this technique, you will be creating a greater wow factor for your home.

There really is no limit to mix and matching your deck; we have had projects where clients have chosen to go with different types of decks, colours and textures in different areas.

Our recent blog on a DIY project featured this contrasting technique where the decking under the patio/alfresco area was 140/19 Merbau, for its durable structure as it is very hardwearing and a better choice for under cover use. In a different area we used composite decking near the pool area in the “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard for a striking contrast, being composite this I low maintenance for under the pool area. For more info on this blog click here.

For both natural and modified decking, there is an endless choice of colours and textures. We recommend choosing your preferred material from personal preference in terms of budget, texture and style. As in most cases you can somehow modify the colours. For instance Fijian Mahogany can be greyed off to lighter palette whist composite decking comes in the darkest of shade.

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