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Things to do in Your Backyard this Winter!

Things to do in Your Backyard this Winter!

Don’t let winter keep you indoors! Embrace this beautiful season with our top things to do in your very own backyard, these activities are great for both adults and kids.

Although, here in Perth we get more sunshine then rain – the last couple of weeks have seen us through a very cold and wet winter. This has probably left the majority of us feeling sluggish, a little lazy and even bored. Don’t let winter blues keep you from enjoying your outdoor living area! Winter fun awaits you through the activities listed from this blog.

Looking for things to do this winter? Keep reading!


Miss enjoying the outdoors but not really wanting to go on camping trips that require travelling? Why not set up camp in your very own backyard! We all know how annoying it is to go on long haul road trips in winter. So why not, set up camp in your very own backyard?! That way even if the weather gets bad you can quickly head back indoors.

Put those camping gear to use and set up camp on the deck for extra coverage or even out in the open to observe the winter night sky.

Plus if you’ve never tried camping in the winter, camping in your backyard could be the perfect way to test it out. To be super adventurous you can even pack for it as you would for a normal camping trip. And if it gets too cold or you don’t like it, home is literally a couple of steps away!


How does warm soup, hot chocolate, melted cheese and delicious food sound? How about being able to enjoy all of this with family and friends in your own backyard? Laughing until your tummy hurts or even being able to have deep and meaningfuls with the ambient sounds of nature as your background music?

We are so confined to the indoors in winter that we often forget how soothing the sound of rain drops and the fresh crisp winter air can do for our souls. And what better way to invigorate your love of nature then being able to enjoy it with your loved ones?

What’s a more awesome way to bring people together in winter that FOOD of course, to combat those lonely rainy days, and why not cook up a winter feast?

Our top 3 recommendations:

– A soup kitchen night (a feast of your favourtie soups served with warm bread and butter)

– A hot chocolate tasting night (where guests can make their own signature hot chocolates, have you tried chilli or peppermint in your hot chocolate?)

– Melted cheese and wine catchups (melted cheese is everything!)


Looking for other things to do with your children other than jumping in puddles? Don’t get us wrong, jumping into puddles is super fun but there is a limit to how many puddles to jump into and the amount of time this will keep them occupied.

We totally recommend getting crafty and creative with winter art projects!

You can bring them outdoors to enjoy what different seasons have to offer, ask them to paint the sky, draw the changing leaves and take pictures of the winter weather. Keep this in a scrapbook and get them to do the same during the other seasons, the comparison itself would be interesting and educational!

Plus it will get them occupied without them being constantly glued to their digital games and the tv! What a great way to disconnect to reconnect.


One of the most engaging and fun things to get outdoors in winter is to create a scavenger hunt! Involve your kids in nature by getting them to find and look for winter related things.

Get your neighbours, family and friends involved and make it a fun competition! There are heaps of ideas and printable instructions and lists of objects and things on pinterest made already available.

There is even a level of skill you can incorporate, from finding objects listed on a list to solving riddles and puzzles. The creativity and option is really endless!

Some of our top lists:

– To Find
– To Listen For
– To Look For
– To Smell
– To Feel
– To Taste
– To Do


Did you know that changing up your routine in different weather conditions and seasons is needed for your skin and body?

The constant use of heaters in winter can really dry out your skin and leave you feeling a little sluggish.

Why not hop into your outdoor spa and get instantly refreshed. Add a bit of aroma oil and light some candles, you can even enjoy it with some champagne or some creamy hot cocoa. Now that’s winter bliss!

You can do this whilst reading a book, streaming your favourite show or even listening to an audio book, all in the comfort of your relaxing spa. Or opt for something more simple and relax amongst the sound of nature!



We hope you enjoy this list as much as we did!

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