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It’s Time to Perk Up Your Outdoor Living Area for Spring!

It’s Time to Perk Up Your Outdoor Living Area for Spring!

It’s finally springtime and that means more colours, more sunshine and whole lot more dose of happiness! As spring offers warmer days and lighter and longer evenings, this means that we are more inclined to get ourselves outdoors, spring is the perfect time for getting outside and seeing everything bloom.

So how can we enjoy the renewal time of spring, right in our backyard?

Read on for our little tips and tricks on how you can enjoy spring a little more in your very own backyard.

Grow a little something!

Spring time comes with the best climate to harvest herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and also plants. In Perth, we are categorised as a wet & dry tropical type of climate. We have created a list of things that you can plant in Spring that will harvest perfectly in accordance to our geographical location.

HERBS: basil, coriander, lemongrass, mint, spring onion, chives.

FRUIT & VEGETABLES: chili, beetroot, corn, capsicum, celery, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, tomato, rocket, zucchini.

FLOWERS & PLANTS: kangaroo paw, daisy, amaranthus, begonia, snapdragon, chrysanthemum, sunflower, cosmos, dahlia, dianthus, daisy, gazani, marigold, nasturtium, petunia, salvia, verbena and zinnia.

Spring time picnic!

Spring time really is a wonderful time of the year and we love hearing our customers comment on how excited they all are to finally make use of their outdoor living area after the harsh climate of winter. How about starting with the nice little decking area that you can now use? Or even enjoying that lawn that is no longer wet? It’s a great time to get outside and start enjoying it!

We suggest in the early days of spring, as there is chance of rain – to have yourself a nice little picnic in your very own backyard. Now that the climate is more bearable for outdoor gatherings, start with your own customized picnic, and if it rains your literally steps away from the shelter and the comfort of your own home.

Here are a couple of spring time picnic ideas for your back yard!

Salad Packed in a Jar

Just add your favorite salad toppings and dressing into a jar, give it a little shake and there you have it a quick and easy way to individually serve salad on a warm spring lunch.

Colorful Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper is a great gluten free alternative to wraps and sandwiches, which make a perfect addition to a spring picnic! These are easy to make, all you need is some rice paper rolls, your favorite salads and your favorite protein, wrap it up and you’ve got yourself a quick and delicious spring time treat.

Antipasto Skewers

These are so easy to make and also very easy to clean! Once done, dispose of the skewer sticks. All you literally need, is your go to selection of cold meats, cheeses and antipasti’s! Put them one by one on a skewer stick and that’s it! Antipasto made easy.

Fruit Salad Jelly Cups

Not only are these fun wobbly treat popular amongst children, adults love them too! You can make them the night before your picnic. All you need is some jelly crystals and a bunch of your favourite fruits, put them together, let them set over night and there you have it a quick and healthy picnic dessert.

Refreshing Lemon, Cucumber & Mint Water

This is one of the most refreshing and easy to make drinks for a beautiful spring picnic. It is packed full of nutrients and is a healthier alternative to shelf ready fruit juices and soft drinks. All you need is a sliced up lemon, sliced up cucumber, some mint and some water (add ice cubes too for a more ice cold drink).

Spring Clean Your Backyard!

The start of spring is the perfect time to make a fresh start, to declutter your home and ultimately make your life happier. People tend to spring clean their habits, the inside of a home but forget about one the most important areas of their life: outdoor living. When the weather is warmer we all tend to head outdoors, so why not clean, revamp or restructure your outdoor living area?

Working out what you actually need is a fantastic place to start, what space are you looking to use more of in the next season full of bright skies? What is really important for you and your family?


We have created a small but handy list of things to clean in your backyard:

– Clean the outdoor fridge

– Clean the shed

– Clean the gutters, eaves and fascia

– Fill in cracks in concrete walkways, driveways or patios

– Clean pet area

– Recoat Decking

– Mow lawn/Brush Artificial Lawn

– Clean the BBQ

– Replace any outdoor lights that need replacing

– Clean the garden

– Clean/Replace Cushions

– Plant new greens

– Revamp outdoor furniture


When the weather gets warmer, we tend to want to invest in our outdoor living area a little more. Are you thinking of overhauling your area? Looking to put in a new deck, fencing, patio or an outdoor kitchen? We recommend you going through some essential questions below:

Do you want an area that is a point of relaxation after a long day of work, an escape to rejuvenate yourself from outer noise? Do you want a place that is full of entertainment for a buzzing get together with family and friends? (If you’re looking to restructure your space check out this blog here.

Once, you figure out what type of space and ambience you want to create. We can help you bring your personal ideas to life.

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