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How to Transform a Small Outdoor Living Area

How to Transform a Small Outdoor Living Area

Are you a first home buyer, looking to downsize or have a small home? Have you got an area that you wish to focus on but is a little limited in space? We have solutions for you!

Regardless of the size of your space, there are so many inspiring and creative outdoor living designs currently made available for small houses, there really is an endless possibility to work with what you currently have!

On the plus side, smaller areas generally result in a super low maintenance home! We have worked with numerous projects with small areas and thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to share with you on this blog of tips on how you can maximize your small space.

Tip 1: What areas would I be using more?

We have found that with smaller areas, the majority of our client’s have chosen to focus on one outdoor living area.

Do you have a larger area in the backyard or front yard? Is your house a front loader or a rear loader? Is it of a higher preference to focus on one living area more than the other? Will you be spending a lot of time outdoors?
These are the questions that you need to firstly ask yourself.

Tip 2: Define how you will use your space!

This is the fun part. Start visualizing what you want to do in your outdoor living area. Do you want to be able to have a small and cosy place to entertain outdoors? Or do you want an area focused on solely relaxation?
Also, who will be using the area? How many people are in your house hold? Addressing these preferences will be able to help you define how you want to use your space to its maximum capacity.

Tip 3: Make it personal.

Remember, your outdoor living area is the one place you can access anytime to enjoy a waft of fresh air, blue skies and starry nights. It is just as important as the living area inside! This can also be an area to express your taste and personality.

We do also recommend when choosing your landscaping, structures, plants and designs, keep the architectural style of your home in mind so that your outdoor area represents the spirit of its style.
Now, let’s walk through one of our projects!

We recently had the pleasure to work with a small space, which end result was just gorgeous! This project really made us proud in being able to deliver an outdoor living area that is achievable regardless of size.

Our client’s preference was to create an area that was low maintenance, looks super chic and is ultimately comfortable. This type of project is suitable for first home owners not wanting to spend too much on their first investment and for downsizers looking for a neat and cosy living space.

As this was for the front yard and is the first impression for neighbors and visitors, we wanted to immediately bring out our client’s taste and style preference to surface. We created a living area that had great visual ambience, with also incorporating a touch of peace and harmony to the space.

Decking: Jarrah Timber

We wanted to add warmth and contrast to the yard with the use of Jarrah. Our clients loved the idea of being able to walk onto the outdoor entertaining area and seeing a new timber deck amongst their green landscaping.

Screening: Vertical Boxed Section

As our clients wanted a combination of screens that did not fully enclose their outdoor living area in an already limited space, we recommended to use vertical screens to help maximise airflow, restrict rain splashes whilst also allowing a little sunshine in. This allows for the use of their outdoor area throughout all seasons.

Finishing Touches: Vertical Front Fence & Automated Gate

We wanted to match the vertical boxed section with a complementing vertical fence and automated gate. Vertical patterns in outdoor living spaces help to create rhythm as well as, elongating an area of choice. This is also perfect for small areas wanting to create a stand out feature.

Project Details:

• Jarrah Decking.
• Featured vertical boxed section screen 75 x 75 aluminum powder coated in goal grey.
• Vertical 50 x 25 front fence and automated access gate.

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