Take a Step Back into Time with a Quirky “DOME” Style Patio!  

How does it look?  

The Dome style patio is a rounded vault forming the roof of the patio (Outdoor extended roof), typically with a circular base. It is an architectural roof that resembles the hollow upper half of a sphere. It basically looks like a speed bump on polls, resembling a rectangular parachute on air decent, pretty cool huh? 

So, why should you opt for a Dome patio? 

It is super Stylish, Attractive and Modern. A plus side to these type of patios is the ability for more Height Clearance. Which creates an outdoor high ceiling look allowing the area to be visualized and perceived as larger than it really is.  

The Versatile Design (Raising the Heights, detached overlapping half arks (Heat Cooling) is  different to the standard flat patios. The design allows for more natural light and air flow, which can in turn allow more protection to the outdoor area from the harsh sun and weather.  

How practical is a Dome patio? 

Due to it’s High Clearance it is perfect to shelter home owners with (Boats, Cars, 4×4 & Caravans). It is also great a Pool/Spa side shelter and makes a Stylish BBQ area stand out. 

For households with Children, the Dome can also act as a protected backyard extension for the Outdoor Kids play area and Outdoor Games Area.  

Also a plus side for Pet owners, the Dome helps to create a perfect Undercover area for outdoor Dogs, Rabbit Hutches and Bird Cages.  

A recent, completed DOUBLE DOME project we were proudly a part of: 

This gorgeous completion ? known as the “Double Stratco Dome Patio” is a special and unique creation, customised for a client in Mundaring ?

We recommend this type of structure when wanting a spectacular view out the front!  

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