A DELICIOUS Summer Recipe: Vietnamese Vermicelli Salad

Are you looking to impress your guests with a clean and refreshing recipe? This dish is perfect for a light yet delicious summer meal.

Your choice of poultry is marinated in a special Vietnamese marinate that amasses authentic flavours from South East Asia. As a bonus you will get the recipe the popular Vietnamese dressing.  The condiment in this dish blends exceptionally well together with the rice noodles and Vietnamese marinate.


– 2 boneless-skinless chicken breasts, sliced into long strips or poultry of your choice

– 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped

– 2 tbsp lemongrass minced (can use paste as an alternative)

– 1 tbsp sugar

– 1 tbsp fish sauce

– 3 tbsp sesame oil

– 1 tbsp honey

– 250g Vermicelli noodles

– 2 carrots, grated

– 1 handful mint leaves

– 2 handfuls basil, chopped

– 2 handfuls bean sprouts

– Half a cucumber, halved lengthways and sliced

– 4 tbsp peanuts, toasted and crushed

– Skewers

Vietnamese Dressing

Ingredients for Vietnamese Dressing:

– 3 tbsp. warm water

– 3 tbsp. sugar

– 2 tbsp. fresh lemon juice

– 2 tbsp. fish sauce

– Finely chopped garlic

– Red Chilli (quantity depends on your level of spicy)

Instructions for dressing:

1.    Combine garlic, chilies, sugar and lemon juice in a bowl.

2.    Add warm water and mix until sugar dissolves.

3.    Add fish sauce in increments until you like how it tastes.


1.    In a large bowl, mix the garlic, lemongrass, sugar, fish sauce, sesame oil, honey together.

2.    Place meat into marinate, and leave in the fridge for 2 hours, or overnight if possible – the longer the better!

3.    Place meat evenly on skewers

4.    Place skewers over medium – high heat for 3-4 minutes on each side, rotating until cooked through and nicely browned/charred on each side.

5.    Cook your noodles – pour boiling water over the noodles in a large saucepan (off the heat) and leave to soak for 4-5 minutes until soft. Drain once cooked.

6.    To serve, divide the noodles between 4 bowls. Top with the herbs (whole leaves, or shredded if you prefer), cucumber slices; pickled carrot and bean sprouts, then sit the meat on top, sprinkle on crushed peanuts.

7.    Drizzle each bowl with the dressing. Enjoy!

It’s Time to Perk Up Your Outdoor Living Area for Spring!

It’s finally springtime and that means more colours, more sunshine and whole lot more dose of happiness! As spring offers warmer days and lighter and longer evenings, this means that we are more inclined to get ourselves outdoors, spring is the perfect time for getting outside and seeing everything bloom.

So how can we enjoy the renewal time of spring, right in our backyard?

Read on for our little tips and tricks on how you can enjoy spring a little more in your very own backyard.

Grow a little something!

Spring time comes with the best climate to harvest herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers and also plants. In Perth, we are categorised as a wet & dry tropical type of climate. We have created a list of things that you can plant in Spring that will harvest perfectly in accordance to our geographical location.

HERBS: basil, coriander, lemongrass, mint, spring onion, chives.

FRUIT & VEGETABLES: chili, beetroot, corn, capsicum, celery, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, tomato, rocket, zucchini.

FLOWERS & PLANTS: kangaroo paw, daisy, amaranthus, begonia, snapdragon, chrysanthemum, sunflower, cosmos, dahlia, dianthus, daisy, gazani, marigold, nasturtium, petunia, salvia, verbena and zinnia.

Spring time picnic!

Spring time really is a wonderful time of the year and we love hearing our customers comment on how excited they all are to finally make use of their outdoor living area after the harsh climate of winter. How about starting with the nice little decking area that you can now use? Or even enjoying that lawn that is no longer wet? It’s a great time to get outside and start enjoying it!

We suggest in the early days of spring, as there is chance of rain – to have yourself a nice little picnic in your very own backyard. Now that the climate is more bearable for outdoor gatherings, start with your own customized picnic, and if it rains your literally steps away from the shelter and the comfort of your own home.

Here are a couple of spring time picnic ideas for your back yard!

Salad Packed in a Jar

Just add your favorite salad toppings and dressing into a jar, give it a little shake and there you have it a quick and easy way to individually serve salad on a warm spring lunch.

Colorful Rice Paper Rolls

Rice paper is a great gluten free alternative to wraps and sandwiches, which make a perfect addition to a spring picnic! These are easy to make, all you need is some rice paper rolls, your favorite salads and your favorite protein, wrap it up and you’ve got yourself a quick and delicious spring time treat.

Antipasto Skewers

These are so easy to make and also very easy to clean! Once done, dispose of the skewer sticks. All you literally need, is your go to selection of cold meats, cheeses and antipasti’s! Put them one by one on a skewer stick and that’s it! Antipasto made easy.

Fruit Salad Jelly Cups

Not only are these fun wobbly treat popular amongst children, adults love them too! You can make them the night before your picnic. All you need is some jelly crystals and a bunch of your favourite fruits, put them together, let them set over night and there you have it a quick and healthy picnic dessert.

Refreshing Lemon, Cucumber & Mint Water

This is one of the most refreshing and easy to make drinks for a beautiful spring picnic. It is packed full of nutrients and is a healthier alternative to shelf ready fruit juices and soft drinks. All you need is a sliced up lemon, sliced up cucumber, some mint and some water (add ice cubes too for a more ice cold drink).

Spring Clean Your Backyard!

The start of spring is the perfect time to make a fresh start, to declutter your home and ultimately make your life happier. People tend to spring clean their habits, the inside of a home but forget about one the most important areas of their life: outdoor living. When the weather is warmer we all tend to head outdoors, so why not clean, revamp or restructure your outdoor living area?

Working out what you actually need is a fantastic place to start, what space are you looking to use more of in the next season full of bright skies? What is really important for you and your family?


We have created a small but handy list of things to clean in your backyard:

– Clean the outdoor fridge

– Clean the shed

– Clean the gutters, eaves and fascia

– Fill in cracks in concrete walkways, driveways or patios

– Clean pet area

– Recoat Decking

– Mow lawn/Brush Artificial Lawn

– Clean the BBQ

– Replace any outdoor lights that need replacing

– Clean the garden

– Clean/Replace Cushions

– Plant new greens

– Revamp outdoor furniture


When the weather gets warmer, we tend to want to invest in our outdoor living area a little more. Are you thinking of overhauling your area? Looking to put in a new deck, fencing, patio or an outdoor kitchen? We recommend you going through some essential questions below:

Do you want an area that is a point of relaxation after a long day of work, an escape to rejuvenate yourself from outer noise? Do you want a place that is full of entertainment for a buzzing get together with family and friends? (If you’re looking to restructure your space check out this blog here.

Once, you figure out what type of space and ambience you want to create. We can help you bring your personal ideas to life.

20% Off Fernreed

Have you been looking for ways to hide that ugly fence of yours? To obtain more privacy through fence extensions? Or even create a more paradise like back yard? If this is what you have been itching about,


Our FERNREED screens are cost effective, easy to install and is so versatile you can use it as practically anything to spice up your outdoor decor. What a better time to start thinking about ways to do up that outdoor space then now? It’s nearly outdoor entertainment season in Perth and what a perfect time to get on this to further utilize your outdoor living area!


First things first, what are FERNREED SCREENS?

Fernreed screens is made up with up to three layers of reed in a solid coated pine frame. It is durable, sturdy and is an easily installed screen. You can simply fix it to an existing structure or between posts.

How good are they?

One of the best things about Fernreed screens is that it creates a natural backdrop to highlight foliage and also masks unsightly areas with up to 95 per cent coverage.

FERNREED screens are exclusive to Sustain and manufactured locally in our Wangara factory, which means that you are getting a long lasting product that is made from top quality materials. Plus, our team of experts is here on hand to give you any advice and support you need pre and post purchase.

They can also do what??

– Increases Privacy
– Easy to Install
– Customised, durable and sturdy for longevity
– 95% coverage to block out unwanted areas
– Panel and post or fix directly to a solid fence

How do they come?

Available in Panels, Posts & Rolls. In all standard sizes.

Got a custom space? We can custom make for you too!

What can I use it for?

For that extra privacy around your home, to simply hide an unattractive wall, create a beautiful backdrop or add a stunning feature to your outdoor area. You can even use them as a room divider or shader! Plus we have had people make it into gates, as fencing infills, fence extensions, the list is endless!

They are so versatile and customizable that you can use them in any area of your outdoor living area. We have found that they look amazing against a boring fence, as it helps uplift the area and creates a holiday feel.

We have also had a lot of great feedback from client’s using them as their pool backdrop. The rich dark brown always seems to bring out the beautiful blue and green tone of a pool. Have a glimpse of the multiple uses of this amazing screen!

Is it really that easy to DIY?

Yes it absolutely is!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be able to put these screens together. Most of our client’s have opted for the DIY option to do it themselves as it is super easy! Below is a picture of a DIY project:

This was a very quick and easy DIY project by one of our Sustainer’s! A new home that required a simple and low maintenance garden. When they approached us, we immediately highly recommended our FERNREED panels as the ultimate backdrop to create that foliage enriched feel and boy did that work out fantastic! Simple yet very effective.

How to Further Enhance Your Purchase

Timber Glow® coating is one of the most attractive coatings by appearance for exterior timber. This exclusive coating offers the longest possible coating life without the need to recoat, whilst also maintaining effective UV protection for timber and fibro cement. We highly recommend using Timber Glow® over our products, especially our FERNREED so that you can further increase the longevity of your screens. Plus you get a 3 year warranty too!


If you’ve been looking for screen panels to create a beautiful backdrop, our Fernreed screens add a stylish retreat feature to any landscape design, as well as conveniently hiding unwanted areas. It is also super long lasting & provides excellent coverage. They come in different sizes and are available in both DIY and install. You can contact us on the below for more info:

1300 112 558

Patio, Pergola, or Gazebo?

Have you ever wondered what is the difference is between a Patio, Pergola and Gazebo? Here is a quick little blog explaining the differences between the structures and the best uses for each.

In Australia, enjoying the great outdoors is a lifestyle! Which means entertainment in the backyard is a must. Our sunny summers and cool winters call for comfort and shade, which leads to most home owners investing on the ideal structure for relaxation and entertaining all year round.

Now let’s explore which is best for you!


Patios are built as great support structures and are generally held up with four posts. In mind patios are designed as a fantastic year round entertaining area with great protection from both the sun and rain. In Australia, a patio is often considered as much of a necessity of a home as it is usually the point of entertainment in the outdoor living area.

You can modify almost every aspect of your patio including the material used, the shape, colour, and even lining. These customisable extras ensure that your patio does not look like an afterthought, but more so it was built to be a part of your home. Whether you choose a luxurious timber patio to bring the outdoors in, or a modern steel patio, patios are a longstanding and can last a life time.

In terms of the use and features of a patio, the list is endless! You can literally have what you would have indoors in your patio. From outdoor kitchens to high tech audio visuals, entertaining outdoors is more than possible. If you are looking for the all rounder in outdoor living, the patio is the perfect feature for your home.


A pergola can be described as an arched structure consisting of a framework designed in a way that allows for vines and climbing plants to grow on. Pergolas are a perfect choice for an outdoor space that is surrounded by lots of plantations and makes for a luscious tropical retreat. A pergola is most often designed to be an essential feature of the garden.

Pergolas are very suitable for those living in Australia as it allows for the direct integration of plantations in your outdoor living area. Typically consisting of horizontal planks of wood, this structure is most commonly flat and open. The roof beams and rafters give the plants an area to cling on to, this allows for a pergola to become a naturally shaded outdoor area that makes an elegant outdoor setting.


Gazebos can be found freestanding in parklands and is shaped in the form of an octagon, which allows for an intimate gathering for its occupants. Due to its size, it is quite popular option for the backyard as it is a smaller investment than the Patio and Pergola. As it is a small structure that can be situated amongst the garden of a house, gazebos make a perfect area of special and intimate gatherings!

The gazebo can help add a touch of country chic to your outdoor living area as it complements most architecture designs. A gazebo is an ideal complementing structure to outdoor features such as ponds, floral gardens and vegetable beds. As most gazebos provide sweeping views of these features, gazebo’s make an ideal place for garden relaxation and entertainment.

For more info, get in touch here:

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How to Transform a Small Outdoor Living Area

Are you a first home buyer, looking to downsize or have a small home? Have you got an area that you wish to focus on but is a little limited in space? We have solutions for you!

Regardless of the size of your space, there are so many inspiring and creative outdoor living designs currently made available for small houses, there really is an endless possibility to work with what you currently have!

On the plus side, smaller areas generally result in a super low maintenance home! We have worked with numerous projects with small areas and thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to share with you on this blog of tips on how you can maximize your small space.

Tip 1: What areas would I be using more?

We have found that with smaller areas, the majority of our client’s have chosen to focus on one outdoor living area.

Do you have a larger area in the backyard or front yard? Is your house a front loader or a rear loader? Is it of a higher preference to focus on one living area more than the other? Will you be spending a lot of time outdoors?
These are the questions that you need to firstly ask yourself.

Tip 2: Define how you will use your space!

This is the fun part. Start visualizing what you want to do in your outdoor living area. Do you want to be able to have a small and cosy place to entertain outdoors? Or do you want an area focused on solely relaxation?
Also, who will be using the area? How many people are in your house hold? Addressing these preferences will be able to help you define how you want to use your space to its maximum capacity.

Tip 3: Make it personal.

Remember, your outdoor living area is the one place you can access anytime to enjoy a waft of fresh air, blue skies and starry nights. It is just as important as the living area inside! This can also be an area to express your taste and personality.

We do also recommend when choosing your landscaping, structures, plants and designs, keep the architectural style of your home in mind so that your outdoor area represents the spirit of its style.
Now, let’s walk through one of our projects!

We recently had the pleasure to work with a small space, which end result was just gorgeous! This project really made us proud in being able to deliver an outdoor living area that is achievable regardless of size.

Our client’s preference was to create an area that was low maintenance, looks super chic and is ultimately comfortable. This type of project is suitable for first home owners not wanting to spend too much on their first investment and for downsizers looking for a neat and cosy living space.

As this was for the front yard and is the first impression for neighbors and visitors, we wanted to immediately bring out our client’s taste and style preference to surface. We created a living area that had great visual ambience, with also incorporating a touch of peace and harmony to the space.

Decking: Jarrah Timber

We wanted to add warmth and contrast to the yard with the use of Jarrah. Our clients loved the idea of being able to walk onto the outdoor entertaining area and seeing a new timber deck amongst their green landscaping.

Screening: Vertical Boxed Section

As our clients wanted a combination of screens that did not fully enclose their outdoor living area in an already limited space, we recommended to use vertical screens to help maximise airflow, restrict rain splashes whilst also allowing a little sunshine in. This allows for the use of their outdoor area throughout all seasons.

Finishing Touches: Vertical Front Fence & Automated Gate

We wanted to match the vertical boxed section with a complementing vertical fence and automated gate. Vertical patterns in outdoor living spaces help to create rhythm as well as, elongating an area of choice. This is also perfect for small areas wanting to create a stand out feature.

Project Details:

• Jarrah Decking.
• Featured vertical boxed section screen 75 x 75 aluminum powder coated in goal grey.
• Vertical 50 x 25 front fence and automated access gate.

For more info, get in touch here:
1300 112 558

Things to do in Your Backyard this Winter!

Don’t let winter keep you indoors! Embrace this beautiful season with our top things to do in your very own backyard, these activities are great for both adults and kids.

Although, here in Perth we get more sunshine then rain – the last couple of weeks have seen us through a very cold and wet winter. This has probably left the majority of us feeling sluggish, a little lazy and even bored. Don’t let winter blues keep you from enjoying your outdoor living area! Winter fun awaits you through the activities listed from this blog.

Looking for things to do this winter? Keep reading!


Miss enjoying the outdoors but not really wanting to go on camping trips that require travelling? Why not set up camp in your very own backyard! We all know how annoying it is to go on long haul road trips in winter. So why not, set up camp in your very own backyard?! That way even if the weather gets bad you can quickly head back indoors.

Put those camping gear to use and set up camp on the deck for extra coverage or even out in the open to observe the winter night sky.

Plus if you’ve never tried camping in the winter, camping in your backyard could be the perfect way to test it out. To be super adventurous you can even pack for it as you would for a normal camping trip. And if it gets too cold or you don’t like it, home is literally a couple of steps away!


How does warm soup, hot chocolate, melted cheese and delicious food sound? How about being able to enjoy all of this with family and friends in your own backyard? Laughing until your tummy hurts or even being able to have deep and meaningfuls with the ambient sounds of nature as your background music?

We are so confined to the indoors in winter that we often forget how soothing the sound of rain drops and the fresh crisp winter air can do for our souls. And what better way to invigorate your love of nature then being able to enjoy it with your loved ones?

What’s a more awesome way to bring people together in winter that FOOD of course, to combat those lonely rainy days, and why not cook up a winter feast?

Our top 3 recommendations:

– A soup kitchen night (a feast of your favourtie soups served with warm bread and butter)

– A hot chocolate tasting night (where guests can make their own signature hot chocolates, have you tried chilli or peppermint in your hot chocolate?)

– Melted cheese and wine catchups (melted cheese is everything!)


Looking for other things to do with your children other than jumping in puddles? Don’t get us wrong, jumping into puddles is super fun but there is a limit to how many puddles to jump into and the amount of time this will keep them occupied.

We totally recommend getting crafty and creative with winter art projects!

You can bring them outdoors to enjoy what different seasons have to offer, ask them to paint the sky, draw the changing leaves and take pictures of the winter weather. Keep this in a scrapbook and get them to do the same during the other seasons, the comparison itself would be interesting and educational!

Plus it will get them occupied without them being constantly glued to their digital games and the tv! What a great way to disconnect to reconnect.


One of the most engaging and fun things to get outdoors in winter is to create a scavenger hunt! Involve your kids in nature by getting them to find and look for winter related things.

Get your neighbours, family and friends involved and make it a fun competition! There are heaps of ideas and printable instructions and lists of objects and things on pinterest made already available.

There is even a level of skill you can incorporate, from finding objects listed on a list to solving riddles and puzzles. The creativity and option is really endless!

Some of our top lists:

– To Find
– To Listen For
– To Look For
– To Smell
– To Feel
– To Taste
– To Do


Did you know that changing up your routine in different weather conditions and seasons is needed for your skin and body?

The constant use of heaters in winter can really dry out your skin and leave you feeling a little sluggish.

Why not hop into your outdoor spa and get instantly refreshed. Add a bit of aroma oil and light some candles, you can even enjoy it with some champagne or some creamy hot cocoa. Now that’s winter bliss!

You can do this whilst reading a book, streaming your favourite show or even listening to an audio book, all in the comfort of your relaxing spa. Or opt for something more simple and relax amongst the sound of nature!



We hope you enjoy this list as much as we did!

For all of your outdoor living needs, contact us here:

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How To Create a Pinterest Worthy Backyard in Perth: Starting with Decking

So you’ve been on Pinterest and have just pinned your heart out with buzzing ideas of how to create that outdoor living area that you’ve been dreaming of? But now, is this actually possible to create in somewhere like…PERTH?

Of course it is!

There’s nothing that we love more than a client with a strong visual direction in mind. Most of our projects revolve around backyard ideas and pictures from the internet, but we have found a trend in people requesting “Pinterest” style backyards. These are the pretty, out of the box outdoor living designer concepts that have been frequently requested but not many know that is quite achievable right here in our backyard (no pun intended).

What we do recommend when pursuing this “Pinterest” style backyard is to start with a good platform. Which is the deck, decking is just not about whacking a piece of board on the ground. It’s about how choosing the right colour, texture and material can affect your overall ambiance and style. When you lay the right foundations to your design preference, you can then “dress” up the area with the outdoor décor.

In this blog, we will aim to show you how to utilize different types of decking from a design point of view and to ultimately help you get one step closer to creating a “Pinterest” worthy backyard!

To start let’s go through the top 3 main aspects of Decking when creating a designer backyard:

1. Know your material
2. Know your texture
3. Choose your technique

The different types of materials used for your decking:

If you are living in Perth, Australia below is a quick recap of your choices in decking:

• Imported
• Composite
• Native

Imported decking: If you are requiring a timber style decking, we recommend decking in the sustainable Fijian Mahogany, Cedar or Batu. There is also an alternative “aluminum” version that is a better option for those looking for a lower maintenance alternative, we also have a cost effective range that come in a wide range colours to choose from. Please enquire for more info.

Composite decking: Composite decking is great for Perth’s climate, as it can withstand our tough weather conditions. Composite decking is versatile, easy to install in DIY decking projects, and look fantastic by the pool or patio decking area.

Native decking: If your preference is to use more native materials, we recommend you checking out Bluegum, Blackbutt and Jarrah. All of these timbers have beautiful shades of colours and is a great incentive to supporting the Australian economy.

Using different colours and textures in your decking for a point of difference!

There’s normal decking vs textured decking.

Seamless/Grain: When we think of decking, it’s often that we associate it with the grainy timber look. Timber decking has been the most common used type of decking due to its ability to create a warmer and cozier atmosphere. Also as it is more widely manufactured, this classic type of decking is made easily available in Australia from both local and imported materials.

Timber tones also helps to create a more naturalistic look, we have found that majority of projects that use timber look decking have a goal of creating a space of natural like tranquility. The benefit of using timber look decking is that, it will never go out of style. Wood like textures is forever timeless, therefore if you are looking for a more classic and safer option that is likely to stand the test of style we always recommend checking out Timber Grain Textures.

Weathered/Rough: With the growing production of innovative designs, we now are blessed with an abundant choice of textures and colours in decking. There is an alternative to the timber grain look in Aluminum and Composite decking. As these types of decking are manufactured through different type’s materials, their ability to create different textures and colours is endless.

Both Aluminum and Composite decking provide a more wide range of textures to suit more modern and intricate designs. For instance, in the composite decking range there is the option to choose a more weathered/rough texture as opposed to the typical timber grain feel. We have found a growing interest for a different colour and texture option for decks.

Below is a sample from Millboard, a company that we use for some of our composite decking projects. As an example for choice, Millboard’s standard composite decking range comes in 6 different colours and 2 different texture options.

Create a designer backyard by using the contrasting technique of incorporating Light & Dark colours!

For a more designer feel we suggest contrasting your outdoor living space by incorporating both Light & Dark colours. This is achievable through your decking! Often people are confined to the idea that decking throughout should be one colour and one texture. This is now not the case as modern designs has incorporated different colours and textures of decking in one outdoor living area.

By using the contrasting technique you are able make an area larger and create more attention to an area of choice. Using different textures also help to bring attention to an area. There is no doubt that by using this technique, you will be creating a greater wow factor for your home.

There really is no limit to mix and matching your deck; we have had projects where clients have chosen to go with different types of decks, colours and textures in different areas.

Our recent blog on a DIY project featured this contrasting technique where the decking under the patio/alfresco area was 140/19 Merbau, for its durable structure as it is very hardwearing and a better choice for under cover use. In a different area we used composite decking near the pool area in the “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard for a striking contrast, being composite this I low maintenance for under the pool area. For more info on this blog click here.

For both natural and modified decking, there is an endless choice of colours and textures. We recommend choosing your preferred material from personal preference in terms of budget, texture and style. As in most cases you can somehow modify the colours. For instance Fijian Mahogany can be greyed off to lighter palette whist composite decking comes in the darkest of shade.

Need some decking advice?
Contact us here:
1300 112 558

Top 5 Tips on What You Need To Know When Doing Your Backyard!

Tip #1: Identify what is important to you!

How do you want to use the area?

Ok so, you’ve finally made a decision to work on that outdoor living area of yours. The first step is to identify what is really important for you and your family. So what do you want to do within this area? Is it for:

A sanctuary for relaxation, entertaining or play.

Do you want an area that is point of relaxation after a long day of work, an escape to rejuvenate yourself from outer noise? Do you want a place that is full of entertainment for a buzzing get together with family and friends? Or would you want something that is more child friendly for your growing family? Or even a bit of everything?

Check out our Pinterest Board for some inspo here.

Tip #2: Create a checklist with everything that you want for your backyard.

What do you really want for your backyard?

As with any space, a beautiful backyard is all about your personal preference. Turning a blank concrete slab or renovating a current space into a distinctive outdoor living area requires many different elements, you’ve got to invest in some thought and a whole lot of creativity. From patios, pools, furniture to accessories, all of which can make a big impact in your finishing project.

Below is a quick checklist to get you started!

  Lawn Area
  Landscape Screens
  Outdoor Kitchen
  Outdoor Dining Area
  Outdoor Furniture
  Fire Pit
  Children’s Play Area
  Water Features

Tip #3: Set yourself a timeframe.

How much time do you have?

This element can usually affect the overall conception of your project. Too often we have come across enquiries who have usually underestimated the amount of time required to complete a project. Although we have always tried our best to accommodate timeframes, you will need to also consider external factors such as the weather and any shortages of supply being of materials and trades.

Our advice is to identify a timeframe of when you want your project to reach completion. Factor in your desired dates, events, celebrations and holidays. Do you want to have your project done by your birthday? Before your house warming? For the Christmas holidays? Setting in these deadlines will allow for a more accurate projected timeframe.

Tip #4: Be realistic with your budget + 20% on top

How much you are willing to spend?

Now this is usually one of which you need to be very realistic with. Identify your budget. How much can you spend? Is it from purely savings? Out of equity? Will you take out a loan? Or a combination of all? There really is a wide range of finance options to fund your project. Did you know that we also provide an interest free repayment option? Enquire to see if you qualify.

When working with your budget, it is best to factor in an extra 20% just to keep you in surplus. You would rather have money leftover than an incomplete project (we have seen this happen a lot of times). Once you are able to identify your ideal budget, get quotes! When deciding who to choose, do not only consider the “price” but also experience and reviews.

There is nothing more challenging when you have put price above all and went with someone a lot cheaper and pretty much ended up with a cheap job, then require someone else come out to “fix” the problem. This is very time consuming and can be quite costly, so do your research!

Tip #5: Get it started!

Once you have started your planning, budgeting and have identified what works you are wanting to get done. Unless you plan to DIY (which is very possible, we have supplied to many DIY projects), you may consider hiring a design or construction professional to help with your outdoor living project. Get in contact with trades that will make it happen, remember to:

Keep your Budget Real!

Have your realistic budget ready so that you can share it with your trades upfront. This really helps trades like us to come up with more creative solutions that will maximise your budget and to identify what is achievable within your timeframe.

Compare Your Findings

Narrow down your search to a couple finalists, read on their reviews (social media, review sites, family or friends who have used them) and get negotiating!

We hope to hear from you. And if we can’t do it, we have a network of people who can! All the best on your journey in creating your dream backyard!

Here is a snapshot of some of our projects, of different size backyards and different concepts:

Contact us below:

1300 112 558


How To Add That Wow Factor With Timber Lining!

One of the most effective ways to transform your outdoor entertainment area is by injecting some subtle splashes of colour and personality through the use of lighting, painting features and the ever popular trend of timber lining in your ceilings.

And luckily for us Perth residents, we are blessed to able to spend our time entertaining and relaxing outdoors nearly all year round! Plus studies have also shown how WA is even now considered the new ‘Sunshine State”, which means more awesome times spent in our very own backyard!

So what a better way to start fully enjoying this by investing in a beautiful outdoor entertainment area?

As important as your landscaping, plantations, pool, deck and kitchen area is for your outdoor living space – the ceiling of where you sit down and entertain is a master stand out piece that could really make a visual difference! Of course, the smaller details are essential however the ceiling can totally change the overall look, feel and style of your home.

Lining your Patio creates a very luxurious, finished look to your entertainment area. The popular choice of timber lining always manages to look striking in any outdoor space which also comes in a wide range of timbers available, all offering unique colours to choose from. This finish is perfect for creating that extra opulent feature to your home.

All of our timbers are selected for the highest quality, ensuring that you get a long lasting ceiling that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Why is Timber Lining So Popular?

Timber lined patios started off as a trend by designers who thought outside the box and wanted to explore how placing timber boards on the roof could be of different use to the usual decking. This is now a well known global design choice for designers and home owners due to timber being a sophisticated and timeless way to create an elegant entertainment area. The natural timbers’ versatile nature means it can be adapted to suit many different styles.

Creating Different Looks With Timber Lining:

Timber lining literally goes with any theme! It makes a perfect canvas for you to create what type of style and atmosphere you want for your home. A timber-lined patio is the perfect place to relax in the Perth weather and have a few drinks with loved ones. You’ll feel a sense of comfort, style, and warmth during an unparalleled entertaining experience.

You can enjoy summer nights under a timber-lined patio surrounded by luscious tropical trees, crating the ultimate tropical oasis in your very own Perth backyard. Or you can create a sophisticated cocktail party with Hampton’s themed décor that will complement your timber lined roof perfectly! Timber lining literally allows you to adapt to countless modern and traditional trends.

Lined patios also look stunning when paired with down lights, your outdoor entertainment area will look like a picture perfect setting!

The effect of lining can light up a room and give a warm, contemporary feel to your home, creating the perfect entertainment area for your family and loved ones to enjoy. There are many materials to choose from to create that on-trend timber look, which helps to add an effortless glimpse of nature to your space.

Living in Australia, we are so lucky to have an abundance of the different varieties of timber that can be used for patio lining. Although Red Cedar is a popular choice, you can definitely choose any timber that compliments your style. At Sustain Patios and Outdoors we welcome your ideas of a completely customize patio for your dream outdoor living area.

Sustain, Your Team Of Choice!

Our expert craftsmen will flawlessly install your lining no matter the roof or ceiling angle. Patio lining can look great on both flat ceilings and raked. Stunning patterns also make a style statement, which adds flare to your home.

If you’re interested in installing stunning patio lining into your Perth home then contact us today! Our supportive and professional staff will be available to give you honest advice on which materials are best suited to your preference and style.


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Total Backyard Transformation: Creating the perfect pool area!

We get very excited every time a client speaks to us about transforming their backyard, to accommodate a growing family or to help improve their overall lifestyle.

We were lucky enough to have worked alongside Matt & Cass for the revamp of their backyard, they wanted to save a bit of money and did most of the work at their own pace and by themselves. We are always happy to supply our clients with quality products for a DIY project!

Now let’s get into the details of this very special transformation, right here in Western Australia:

Main Objective:

With their growing children in mind, they wanted to create an outdoor living space that could accommodate an area of fun, relaxation and entertainment. As like most parents, they wanted a backyard that could grow and adapt with the kids to meet their needs now and even when they reach an older age.

Mum and Dad also wanted an area that was able to easily entertain a party of ten or more people, all year round. Mum wanted a space to have her girlfriends over for a lovely outdoor brunch whilst Dad wanted an ultimate backyard where he could hold the weekend’s best BBQ with his mates. Overall they wanted their outdoor living area to be cozy, fun and most importantly a place of unlimited memories with family, neighbors and friends.

We had the opportunity to put our creative caps on when they wanted a new pool to be installed and the existing patio to stay but somehow accommodate a sufficient entertainment space alongside the new pool. They also wanted to give the existing patio a revamp to give a more contemporary look with an alfresco feel – all within their budget.

To achieve this we recommended our client’s to remove the existing beams and posts .This was to be replaced with large feature timber beams that help to cantilever the third post for the end post to be efficiently removed. By doing this, the area was still usable with the patio being able to offer shade inside the pool area as well.

Not just a supplier, we guide our Client’s throughout the whole project!

As the client’s wanted to keep within budget, we supplied the majority of the products and connected them with the right trades. We are always looking to share our wealth and knowledge of networks to help you create the backyard of your dreams.

For Matt and Cass we were able to source out the right people for their retaining walls, grass and paving. They were at ease knowing that we had their interests in mind and went ahead with our recommendations, saving them a lot of time and money.

We’re here to do the hard work for you so that you can relax and enjoy the progress of creating your ideal backyard, right here in Perth!

Now, onto the works of what was transformed!


200 x 45 laminated Kapur beams with 125 x 125 Kapur posts. Charcoal paint was used on the rest of the patio timbers for a strong contrast. The roof sheeting was a heat reducing polycarbonate in “Solar Grey”.


The decking under the patio/alfresco area was 140/19 Merbau, this was chosen for its durable structure as it is very hardwearing and for under cover use would not need constant recoating due to being more protected from the sun and the pool water. It also provided a great contrast to the cream pavers around the pool, creating a striking look.

We choose millboard decking near the pool area in the “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard, as so the owners have very little worry about maintaining that area.

We recommended composite decking around the pool area as it is incredibly low maintenance, doesn’t warp, rot or splinter and has an R11 slip rating, which is great for kids who persist in running around the pool. We used “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard around the pool area.


As the end of the patio required to have an enclosed feel without blocking off the air flow to get rid of the hot Perth air in summer, we achieved this by using an aluminium louver slat in the colour “Aspen” to create a contrast to the dark colours of the patio and decking.

The slatted fence infills at the end of the pool area were a 65/16 aluminium timber look in the colour/grain “Merbau”. We also supplied the frameless glass pool fencing to finish off that sleek and transparent look.

Project Snap Shot

+ Revamped timber patio with counter levered featured beam and posts to accommodate new pool
+ Merbau timber decking under the patio and “enhanced” Smoked Oak Millboard a grey composite decking board beside the pool
+ Feature fixed louvered screening in patio in Knotwood timber look “Aspen”
+ Slatted Fence Infill in “Merbau”
+ Frameless Glass fencing with no spigots throughout the decking area

Owners Thoughts

Would you like more info on how we can help you transform your backyard?

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